StartUp Fabrikk deliveres portfolio of advanced technological solutions specificaly geared for manufacturing sector. Provided solutions are fully integrated into business to efficietly manage and controll organziations, while simoultaneusly maitaining a permanently safe and cost effective environment. StartUp Fabrikk offers tailored solutions, whose strength lies in the high technology content of each product and the careful integration of different technologies. As a leading company in the european market, we are committed to satisfy our customers’ requirements, thanks to high quality products and a comprehensive pre- and post-sales service.

High quality instrumentation solutions and advanced customers suport that that contunually enhence its clients performance. StartUp Fabrikk designs, manufactures and distribute a complete range of machines, machinery and automation systems to satisfy the most demanding needs for varius industries. We specialize in manufacturing of disperser, mills, emulsifiers, mixers, blenders, liquid-and-powder dosing systems, production system lines as well as undertaking the project construction EPC General Contractor for related industries.

StartUp Fabrikk provides extensive service for industries such as:


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